Invest in high-performance hosting

Invest in high-performance hosting

Why high-performance hosting and what problem does it solve?

I can't speak enough of the horrors that my clients faced with shared hosting services.

For example, Some of my clients run ads on Google and Facebook.

But most people who click on those ads are not visiting the website because the website is not loading in the first place.


Their website was hosted on a shared hosting service and it was often down due to server outage.

Their server couldn't even handle their own paid traffic.

So, a lot of their ad money went down the drain because of their hosting service.

And this is the exact problem that performance hosting solves.

Here is how it works with performance hosting

  1. You'll get your own dedicated server ( fully-managed hosting ).
  2. This means 100% of resources are allocated to your site alone (unlike shared hosting services like Siteground).
  3. Because there is no sharing, your site is safe from the other shady sites on the same network.

Not just that, most high-performance hosting services provide:

  1. Content Delivery Network (CDN) powered by Cloudflare Enterprise. So, you don't need to configure a CDN externally.
  2. Top-notch Malware protection
  3. Automated daily backups with at least 14-day backup retention. This is my favorite because some of my clients break their websites often and yet they get away with little to no damage.
Finally, everything is combined with awesome support, easy scaling for when your site grows, and a fair price point.

All this comes at a fair price point of $30 per month. Almost all performance hosting providers follow the same pricing.

Now because of all this, once my clients got shifted to high-performance hosting, their sales got a bit increased.

This happened because the visitors are at least getting a chance to check out my client's website.

Visitors buying the offer or not buying the offer is another battle.

My favorite high-performance web host

I have used so many great hosting services.

I have been a long-term fan of Cloudways and WPEngine.

And I am still a big fan of them.

But these days, my go-to hosting choice for High Performance is

Case studies time

The reason why I like the most is, one of my clients hosted a Divi-based Woocommerce store on it.

And it loads exceptionally fast considering that Divi and Woocommerce are heavy and slow tools.

However, there is no luck involved here because the same level of performance boost was recorded for another client of mine who sells emotional help to divorcees.

She was using Divi and Woocommerce and the website was so sluggish that, it took me one hour just to make a few changes.

I recommended the client to move away from Divi but she refused because Divi provides great support and it was easy for her.

We resolved the issue of sluggishness when we moved the site to does so many things right with its hosting that a Divi website is loading fast and it does so consistently :P

How to move to

If you want to move to, there is a free migration service (high-quality).

So, it is really easy to move your site to

All you have to do is sign-up for's $1 free trial and after signing up, reach out to the support team asking for the free migration.

You can use this message template and tweak it according to your needs:

Hi Team,
My website is currently hosted on [Old hosting company name].
Please migrate my website to

After that, will take care of the rest. You just have to follow their lead.

Just in case, if you go through any trouble, I have documented the process that I went through when I migrated one of my sites to

I hope you'll find it helpful.

Anyway, in the next lesson, We will understand the importance of a staging site.